The Best Online Bookmakers

Betting predictions and sports gambling are just as popular as poker and other games. A major player in sports gambling market is a bookmaker that takes sports bets from bettors. A bettor’s winning chances are determined by a bookmaker’s odds and expert predictions.

Most detailed information about The Best Online Bookmakers

Background of bookmaker

Sports betting dates back to the times of the Roman Empire. The ancient Romans preferred horse racing betting. Later in history, growing popularity of betting called for the need to establish bookmakers. It is believed that the first bookie opened in the late 19th century in France. But probably at that time bookmakers were already operating in many European countries.

Sports betting grew particularly popular in Great Britain. The English are mad about sports betting. Nowadays, England is the leader by the number of bookies, and local bettors are making more bets than any other nation in the world.

Background of bookmaker

Bookmaker’s main goal

Bookmaker’s goal on is to create a betting line (possible sports outcomes with odds) that would fulfill two functions. On one hand, it must attract potential bettors and encourage them to place bets; on the other hand, it must secure profits for a bookie. Unprofitable odds or outcomes may drive potential clients away, while miscalculated probabilities may cause heavy losses.

As a bookie offers hundreds of sports events and thousands of possible outcomes on a daily basis, making mutually beneficial betting lines is a quite challenging task. To establish good reputation and gain bettors’ loyalty and respect, a bookmaker must offer balanced betting lines. Furthermore, a user-friendly website with clean design and intuitive navigation is a sure way to win bettors’ hearts.

How does a bookmaker work?

It must be said that most sports bets are football-related, followed far behind by horse racing betting, golf betting, boxing betting, greyhound betting, and other. As online bookmakers pay less attention to less popular sports outcomes, a bettor might take the advantage of this oversight.

How does a bookmaker work?

Placing a bet on a sports outcome is not that hard. You need to pick a sports event, bet type, do some research, study expert opinions, place a bet, and wait till the game is over. If your bet won, you’ll get your winnings. Otherwise, a bookie will take the money you bet on the event.

For any bettor, the main difficulty is to correctly estimate the probability of a certain sports outcome. This is very tough. Bookmakers employ competent professionals that calculate the odds with high level of accuracy. But even professionals are only human who make mistakes. Beating betting companies is hard but possible. This is where Bet-UK comes in. On our website, you will find sports betting predictions made by talented and experienced analysts.

How to choose the right bookie

How to choose the right bookie

Your first bookie to bet with must be a reputable and respected betting company, with robust reputation and large pool of clients. English online bookmakers are a good option. They avoid shady betting schemes, value their good name, and offer a wide selection of sports events and outcomes. Such bookies feature multiple advantages for a beginning bettor, although their odds are not always profitable. When picking a reliable bookie, one of the main things to focus on is a bookie website. A high-profile bookmaker has a high-quality website that provides smooth user experience and easy navigation. Bugs and text mistakes are a taboo.

Little-known betting companies might not be a good idea for a novice bettor. Too-good-to-be-true terms must put you on alert. We strongly recommend you to pick online bookmakers from our list. We have tested each of them personally.